Firequick Large Format Flare Case (50 flares)

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The partner flare to the Large Format Launcher is the yellow Large-Format Flare, a mechanically launch-only flare, created to balance weight, flight and fire performance. Firequick designed this flare in response to the need to get the higher fire power of our large flares a distance further than they can be thrown by hand. Like our other flares, it is robust and includes a delayed remote ignition, a simple and reliable design, and an added tension dot on the side of flare to keep the flare from falling easily out of the barrel if the launcher is pointed down. The large format flare can be propelled 250-300 feet (76-91 meters) from the firing point or can be used to run a precise ribbon of fire across a field from a level firing position. 4000° F burning material is sprayed up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) during initial jetting.

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