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Fire Accessories

Spare Cylinder

This 9-round cylinder fits the FireQuick Launchers I and II only.  A handy item to have for quick reloading and firing.

Firing Cartridges

Winchester or Powers Industrial Load is used in the FireQuick Lauchers for igniting and propelling the launch capable flares (Hotshot and Stubby). For optimal performance, it is recommended that the #6 (purple) be used, although we offer #5 and #7 cartridges if desired. All cartridges come in boxes of 100 each.

The Dual Launcher Holster

This belt-ready holster accommodates the Dual Launcher II and the Dual Launcher III with or without the Hotshot barrel adapter in place. There is a convenient outer pocket on the holster to carry your barrel adapter or a box of cartridges.

The Original Launcher Holster

Belt-ready, this holster is smaller and accommodates the original FireQuick Launcher I.

FireQuick Cylinder Speed Loader

Currently available for the Launcher I and II only, this 9-round speed-loader allows you to quickly and easily reload your FireQuick Launcher. When time counts on the firing line, this item will be your new best friend! Purchase as many speed loaders as you need and load them up in advance, cartridges remain firmly locked in place until ready to use.

Double Pouch Speed Loader Case

This leather case can attach to any standard belt and be worn next to your FireQuick Holster. It can carry up to 4 speed loaders.

FireQuick Flare Systems User Training Materials

Firequick Products offers a comprehensive User Training Workbook available as a hardcopy or a digital download. This workbook covers the flare and launcher specifications, field applications, field care and safety considerations, transportation, storage and handling recommendations and security concerns, as well as troubleshooting and disposal techniques. The workbook does not attempt to dictate firing or burn operation procedures, but is limited specifically to the product line use and safety. This workbook has been utilized successfully to support formal and informal firing operations training events.

The hardcopy workbook is illustrated in color and comes in a soft protective report cover.

The digital download is available as a .pdf and will be sent to your email upon confirmation of payment. It contains all sections of the workbook and can be used to print one or more workbooks for your crew or class.

FireQuick Launcher Cleaning Kit

The new FireQuick Launcher Cleaning Kit contains all of the customized brushes, cleaners, lubricants, and other items, as well as instructions to keep any model FireQuick Launcher well maintained. All items come in a rugged PVC container designed to hold up in tough environments.

FireQuick Orange Utility Dry Box

Rugged, water-tight safety-orange ammo box as used for our Initial Attack Kit. This empty box will allow you to arrange and store your FireQuick Flare Systems in a protective environment whether in storage or in transit.

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