Firequick Flare Systems Launcher III / NFES #000571

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The Dual Launcher III is designed to launch both the Hotshot and Stubby Flares and includes a 6-round, 22 caliber swing-out cylinder with a built-in casing ejector that removes all spent round casings in one easy action. Additionally, the trigger guard has been enlarged to more easily accommodate a gloved hand. The safety-orange grip attests to the non-firearm designation of this high-performance firefighting tool. *Please note: A #5 (red) or #6 (purple) Winchester/Olin or Powers industrial load is recommended for the Dual Launcher III, please see the Accessories page. DO NOT use the #7 (Gray) rounds or a Blue Point #6 rounds in the Dual Launcher III as these WILL damage the Launcher III cylinder and may result in a costly repair. Damage from the use of #7 load is evident and will void your warranty for any applicable repair.

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