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Launchers Overview

FireQuick Launcher IIIs are multi-round, 22-caliber modified starter pistols. The Launcher III fires the smaller Hotshot and Stubby flares. Extremely rugged compared to other launch devices, you can expect long-lasting, high performance use from these practical tools. Large Format Launchers have been specially designed to project a large format flare 250-300 from the user. Whether you need to put larger fire power further out, or would like to lay a precise ribbon of fire across a field, this is the launcher for you! Based on an M4 rifle platform, the launcher helps the user withstand the recoil from propelling larger flares into the field. This launcher uses .223/5.56 blanks only, which are available for sale in the Accessories section.

We offer the Launcher III and proudly introduce the Large Format Launcher as our current models available for purchase. The Launcher III is easily identified by the swing-out cylinder and safety orange pistol grip. While the Launcher I and Dual Launcher II have been retired from production for a number of years, many are still use in the field, demonstrating the long-life of these effective tools. All of our launchers allow the user to fire and place flares a safe distance away from the firing location.

All FireQuick launchers carry a one year warranty. With proper care and routine maintenance, you should easily expect a minimum of 5 to 6 years of useful life from your launcher. Launchers that are out of warranty are usually easily repairable for little or no cost to the customer.

All FireQuick launchers have been inspected and confirmed by The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as not a firearm as defined in 10 U.S.C. section 921(a)(3) . This enables FireQuick launchers to be used without any special permit or license enabling use by all types of fire crews. A copy of the ATF letters are available on our Documents page.

Although not a firearm, always exercise the same safety precautions with a FireQuick launcher that you would with a handgun. Detailed safety considerations are outlined in the FireQuick User Training Workbook, which can be found on the Accessories page.