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Firequick Products offers a variety of services to assist our user community. If there is a service you need and do not see listed, please call our office at 760-377-5766 and we will do our best to provide a solution. Current services include:

Launcher Maintenance

Maintaining your FireQuick Launcher properly can add years of life to this valuable tool. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, we are happy to accomplish this for you! Some departments turn in all their launchers at the end of a season to have them readied for the next year.

Launcher Repair

Whether in warranty, or with several years of use, we can repair most launcher issues quickly and reliably. If you need emergency turn-around, we will do all we can to get your launcher up and firing and back in your hands immediately.

Fire Training Services

Firequick Products is happy to support ignition training and other burn operation classes by providing product education, safe use and handling, transportation, dispositioning, storage, and other practical information. If you need additional launchers for a training class, we can help!

Product Demonstrations

Especially when new products are available, or when you have a group unfamiliar with FireQuick Flare Systems, we will coordinate demonstrations when practical. Give our office a call to arrange a demonstration.

Emergency Fire Site Delivery

Often during a fire emergency, standard carriers are unable to get shipments to fire sites as quickly as may be required. In these instances, Firequick does its best to deliver product directly in the shortest timeframe possible. If you have an emergency delivery requirement, call our office at 760-377-5766. If off-hours, you will be directed to a 24/7 emergency response phone number for assistance.