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Company History

At Firequick Products, we fight fire with fire! We manufacture incendiary flares and launcher systems for wildland fire fighters who want safe, effective, and reliable means of initiating fire for both control and prescribed burn operations. Our patented designs have positioned us a as sole source provider of these highly effective fire management tools.

Unlike other ignition devices in the industry, our remote ignition equipped products have a guaranteed 95% ignition rate, burn at an unprecedented 4000° F, and significantly improve the efficiency and safety of the user.

We strive to design our fire-fighting tools specifically to meet the unique product needs of our customer. We work in concert with many of the nation’s Hot Shot crews, USFS leaders and others to ensure those requirements are understood and met. Producing a highly effective, high performance and safe product is paramount in our company. We have an excellent crew that works diligently to ensure that the fire fighter’s needs are met and that we keep up with demand year-round to help protect anything that lies in the path of a wild fire. We offer a full line of accessories and services, including working jointly with agencies and organizations who desire training, demonstrations, or product safety reviews.

These unrivaled characteristics have distinguished FireQuick Flare Systems as the preferred ignition choice of the United States Forest Service.